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The Search for Normalcy

Everyone wants to be genuinely happy. Despite a life of peace, prosperity, and freedom; happiness always seems just out of reach.

Since our birth, America’s technological boon has fostered a world of unbound opportunities that generations before could only dream of. We entered adulthood at the prelude of a decade of robust growth with no signs of impediment. We have both ample access to quality education, and the freedoms to express our earned wealth as we please. Still, we aren’t happy. It’s no longer a search for the extraordinary, it’s a search for contention. It’s the search for normalcy.

From World War II to the nineties, America was the dominant force of the world; however, our millennium started in ire. It began with an attack on sovereign soil that led to two decades of warfare. It continued with the collapse of our financial system that ruined lives due to no fault of their own. It pursued into revelations of severe breaches of empathy that tarnished our moral character. Thes…