The Search for Normalcy

Everyone wants to be genuinely happy. Despite a life of peace, prosperity, and freedom; happiness always seems just out of reach.

Since our birth, America’s technological boon has fostered a world of unbound opportunities that generations before could only dream of. We entered adulthood at the prelude of a decade of robust growth with no signs of impediment. We have both ample access to quality education, and the freedoms to express our earned wealth as we please. Still, we aren’t happy. It’s no longer a search for the extraordinary, it’s a search for contention. It’s the search for normalcy.

From World War II to the nineties, America was the dominant force of the world; however, our millennium started in ire. It began with an attack on sovereign soil that led to two decades of warfare. It continued with the collapse of our financial system that ruined lives due to no fault of their own. It pursued into revelations of severe breaches of empathy that tarnished our moral character. These events dignified to us that this millennium will be different. The world will never be the same.

It’s scary to grow up in a period of tragedy after tragedy in effervescent cycles. Eventually, we start to forget that human kindness is ubiquitously more rampant than human recklessness.

Modern media contributed to this erie of false truth. When no one wants to read about the mundane, newspapers can only drift towards the crass. This inundation of information has led us to forget what’s normal. Furthermore, when our lives are no longer private; we feel lost of our own voice. We are so fluctuated with the opinions of others, that we forgo our own privacy in an effort to fit in.

However, sexual assault didn’t start this decade, it has existed since the beginning of civilization. Modern media only revealed it’s scope within American culture, and made it known that “invasions of privacy are not acceptable.” Sexual assault is an invasion of personal privacy, and should be prosecuted as a criminal offence. Our right to privacy is protected by our constitution under the Fourth Amendment, and as a God given right that everyone deserves. But these days, sex is what we crave, to hear.

In the end, the media did nothing wrong than share another category of tragedies, along with all the other headlines of the last 20 years. Sadly, we don’t know what it is to be normal anymore. Since we could faithfully remember, it’s been pretty bad. It’s a horrible way to start a millennium.

In reality, tragedies happen to everyone: Invasion of privacy, Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 attacks, Clinton’s perjury, OKC bombing, LA riot, Challenger explosion, Reagan assassination attempt, Watergate, Kent State shooting, Kennedy assassination, Detroit riot, Vietnam War, McCarthyism, Korean War, and we made it to Hitler.

Bad stuff happens throughout history, and the above list is only a brief of American history within the last 70 years. Tragedies are omnipresent throughout humanity, but

Albeit turmoil, there is Triumph.

And these moments make life worth it. It has, for the entirety of human history. We, as a race, exist because humans are innately curious, and love life. You, as an individual, do not matter to the human race; just like most people that ever lived. Yet, everyone still lives until they die unwillingly.

You got two options, you could live a wonderful life, move to Los Angeles, fall in love, have a few kids, buy a house in the suburbs, and live happily ever after, or you could live somewhere else and write your own version of the story. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you live, because after you die, your consciousness and memories fade away; which means you can’t reminisce about your lived life. To the universe as a whole, each life is as mundane as a scratcher from the bodega.

There are no expectations of you, other than those that you choose to oblige. You could live a peaceful life in the suburbs, or climb Mount Everest, or get hammered in dives, or make arts and steal hearts, or preside over a nation, or explore the universe, or change humanity for the better. Do whatever you want, and make the life of another better when you can. If it''s too much effort to help others, just sit back and enjoy your own life. We aren’t even a third done with living, and most of it was childhood.

Have a good year everyone. There is no other option.

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