The Saddest Generation

We live in a lonely world where it's hard to get out of bed everyday and put on a visage that we are happy. We are a generation caught between the crux of two millennia, with mass shootings and suicides commonalities, and heroin and rape another byline in histories. Yet, we still trudge through each day, because what other option do we have? Complain about being miserable, lie about the nightly smoke and drink, pretend that you don’t just want it all to be over with? Who wants to hear another sad story just like their own, who cares? When did we stop caring and let misery seep into every step? Who are we anymore, a blaze that burned too bright and all that’s left are the ashes of the past? Despite the emptiness, we still strive through, day after day and year after year. We could become the saddest generation that ever graced this Earth, but we won’t.

Last year was marred with tragedies, including the death of Malcolm McCormick, known colloquially as MacMiller. I didn’t listen to his music until after he died, but he was the quintessential millennial: A suburban kid who built a pronounced life, just like many of you have done. However, his rapid success only made his descent into depression that much steeper, and only the kindness of a dear person held him together for so long. Misery loves company, but company can’t stay with misery. And when all he had left was misery, Malcolm forfeited his life at the age of 26; an age that seems long for kids, but in the gravitas of life, was only an inkling of the adventures he foregave.

The newspapers said that he died of an overdose, but anyone with a brain knows the truth. He was the boy that gave up. He saw no light at the end of the tunnel, and resigned to death. Breakups can be hard because romantic love brings the greatest happiness that humans can experience. Success, friends, family, drugs, it’s all secondary to love. Everyone knows it, but accepting this truth is difficult when love lacks. It's painful to accept that someone you love can feel indifferent towards you. It make you feel worthless; that’s why love hurts. Love isn’t something that you can work harder at, love is a referendum on you as a person. Rejection means that you are not good enough for someone, and often, you never will be. The most courageous thing that any genuine lover can do is to breakup their relationship, knowing that their lover doesn't have the courage to do so. Everyone has a right to pursue happiness, and you can't subject someone to be miserable with you.

For the last couple of years, it’s been pretty cold outside, and for reasons understood. We matured in an age of unprecedented risk taking, both due to opportunity and immaturity. Through this philosophy, San Francisco experienced one of the greatest economical miracles in the history of our nation. This furor pulled millions out of mediocrity and into something greater, but in its wake, the fires scorched something more tender. After 10 years of unprecedented growth, our bay has forgotten that not all startups succeed. For every Uber or Gitbhub, there are thousands of companies that fail. Within years, debtors have come to call on the small businesses that never had the capacity to succeed.

Still, we hold on for true love. Most of us have been in relationships where everything fits like a puzzle, except you don't care to finish it. And logically, if you play roulettes enough, you're bound to land on a ten sooner or later. It's just a numbers game.

But the millennials are different, they are too proud to accept their arrogance. We believe in the impossible. We believe that we'll land a speck of dust on a rock 34 million miles away, we believe that any one can become president, and we believe in true love. We believe that every breath we take prepares us for that moment of break, whether it's sitting next to someone who forces your mouth to say hi, or when you're standing at the end of the world inside a typhoon on top of a volcano during a meteor shower; Love finds a way. 

You can't stop the sun from setting, you can't stop the seasons from changing, and you can't stop a heart from beating. True love is built into our nature, and the only way to keep a broken heart is to stop breathing. When that moment of break arrives, you will be ready; even if you have to save the world and build an empire first. The purpose of life is to love your soulmate, the rest is history.

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