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The Saddest Generation

We live in a lonely world where it's hard to get out of bed everyday and put on a visage that we are happy. We are a generation caught between the crux of two millennia, with mass shootings and suicides commonalities, and heroin and rape another byline in histories. Yet, we still trudge through each day, because what other option do we have? Complain about being miserable, lie about the nightly smoke and drink, pretend that you don’t just want it all to be over with? Who wants to hear another sad story just like their own, who cares? When did we stop caring and let misery seep into every step? Who are we anymore, a blaze that burned too bright and all that’s left are the ashes of the past? Despite the emptiness, we still strive through, day after day and year after year. We could become the saddest generation that ever graced this Earth, but we won’t.

Last year was marred with tragedies, including the death of Malcolm McCormick, known colloquially as MacMiller. I didn’t listen to …