The Saddest Generation

We live in a lonely world where it's hard to get out of bed and put on a smile everyday. We are a generation caught between the crux of two millennia, with mass shootings and suicides commonalities, and heroin and rape another byline in histories. Yet, we still trudge through each day, because what other option do we have? Complain about being miserable, lie about the nightly joint, pretend that you don’t just want it all to be over with? Who wants to hear another sad story just like their own? When did we stop caring and let misery seep into every step? Who are we anymore, a blaze that burned too bright and all that’s left are the ashes of the past? Despite the emptiness, we still strive through, day after day and year after year. We could become the saddest generation that ever graced this Earth, but we won’t.

Last year was marred with tragedies, one of which was the death of Malcolm McCormick, known colloquially as MacMiller. I didn’t listen to his music until after he died, but…

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Apple Reports Stellar Earnings

Apple reports earnings well above analysts' estimates: $11.62 earnings per share versus estimates of $10.41 earnings per share. The board also approved share buybacks up to 90 billion dollars worth of assets, and an 8% increase in dividends. The following data were garnered from CNN.

Revenue: $43.78 billion - Estimate | $45.642 billion - Actual
EPS: $10.41 - Estimate | $11.62 - Actual
iPhones: 38.25 million - Estimate | 43.72 million - Actual
iPads: 19.35 million - Estimate | 16.35 million - Actual
Macs: 4.09 million - Estimate | 4.14 million - Actual
iPods: 3.06 million - Estimate | 2.76 million - Actual
iTunes, software and services: $4.56 billion - Estimate | $4.573 billion - Actual
Accessories: $1.40 billion - Estimate | $1.42 billion - Actual
Gross margin: 37.8%- Estimate | 39.3%- Actual

Apple is still predominantly a hardware company. Only about 10% of it's overall revenue comes from software related purchases. We expect that number to continue to grow in the coming years as hardw…

Google Fiber Expands to 21 More Cities

Google Fiber expands to more cities. Google, the search (and just about everything else) tech giant is continuing it's expansion of its fiber optic internet access. It's recent fiber ventures in Kansas proved highly successive, and Google plans to add 21 new cities, among the 34 cities already in process, to that list.

Google is moving off the digital framework and developing functional and daily apparatuses. Google's acquisition of Motorola and the ARA modular phone, Google Glass, and etc. Google's attempt to ascend to your internet service provider (ISP) leads to direct competition with AT&T and Comcast. Google is developing into a critical infrastructure provider in our daily lives. Google provides your search results, Google controls your phone, and Google controls your access to said search results. As the Mountain View company grows, it's burdens and aspirations are competing with its business interests.

In a lighter hearted tone, Skynet anyone?

Nike Lays off Fuelband Product Team

Nike discontinues Fuelband. Fuelband was a "popular" bracelet like wearable technology that works with other Nike technology products. For example, the Nike fuelband tracks information and relays the data to an phone application if within range. Nike also laid off the product team that was responsible for the Fuelband.

See, there are stories of failure in technology. The product didn't fit well into the American market due in part to it's design and functionality. When I wore it, it felt out of place. It's also pricey for the moderate consumer with marginal interest levels. The daily health metric tracking is impressive, but it does't feel like anything crucial for such a high priced luxury good. It might have better traction in Asia, where such functionality are often more appreciated.

Xbox's Bid for your Home Entertainment

Xbox One top 5 million units sold, a metric that rivals the PS4, which have sold 6 million units so far. The Xbox One is $100 more expensive, but includes the motion-sensing Kinect.

Video games have slowly evolved from a joy of adolescence to general home entertainment systems. The winner of the console wars gains massive momentum in dictating its user's spending for categories unrelated to video gaming. The winner of this console wars has access to all of your living room's entertainment. In due time, the video game system will be able to buy on demand videos and other applications to generate revenue. The war is similar to that of the IOS versus Android. The winner gains access to the massive applications and the phone music market. In addition, the owner of an iPhone can easily segway into buying other Apple products for their syncing usability.

The war isn't just about video games anymore, it's about who will dominate your home's entertainment.